Battery Storage System situated in the protection zone of the radio telescope

Battery Storage System

Power: 6 MW

Capacity: 12.6 MWh

Battery Storage System comprises four independently operable units installed near a large photovoltaic power plant. This system offers multiple functionalities associated with the operation of photovoltaics as well as direct benefits for the grid operator.


Challenges and Solutions:

Battery Storage System is installed in an area with a high groundwater level. This represented a challenge in the form of preparing the foundations and a suitable substrate for installation, where the implementation took place only with the preparation of the substrate and metallic support platform. System is located in the protection zone of the radio telescope and thus must meet strict EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) conditions and is therefore supplemented with a Faraday cage providing additional shielding.


6 MW


12.6 MWh


Li- ion LFP

Technical Specification:

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