Frequently Asked Questions
No, we are original TESLA with a brand registered in 1947 in former Czechoslovakia
We both produce energy infrastructure products and believe in solar energy as the most sustainable natural power source given to human
BESS is a device that charges (or collects energy) from the grid or other electrical source as Photovoltaic power plants, wind turbines, etc., and then discharges that energy at a later time to provide electricity or other services such as Peak Shaving, Frequency control, Anicliary Services, Cooperation with renewables, Price arbitrage, Quality of supplied power, Island grid operation.
BESS = Battery Energy Storage System
They are outdoor systems produced in serial manufacturing with all functions pre-installed and pre-integrated. So, you can place them anywhere (-20 to +40°C) without special requirements on building as plug & operate technology easy to install and set up.
TERRA = Earth- is the first of nature elements. The basic one, just like our small storage. Solid, creating fundament for all, that comes after …
To be plugged & operate. Short manufacturing and lead time, easy transport, remotely commissioned.
Yes, it does. We provide customers with our own Energy Management System.
Its artificial intelligence AMOS, a built-in native Energy Management System specifically developed and integrated by us for our Battery Energy Storage. This is the most important to us. It’s the Apple philosophy, native software to native hardware. But it’s not standard on the market as most suppliers are building systems from third-party hardware and integrating it with third-party software. So we deliver Battery Energy Storage with our own Energy Management System AMOS.
AMOS (Advanced Microgrid Optimization System) is an advanced system providing control and monitoring of energy flows in microgrids, which include battery energy storage. The system is based on predictive optimization, which maximizes the economic benefits of the operation while taking into account technological and operational constraints. The predictive element allows the AMOS system to “see into the future” and bring the controlled operation to a state in which it shows the best economic parameters in time.
It’s designed. Carefully worked out by Czech industrial designer Martin Tvaruzek, holder of several industrial RED DOT AWARDS. As our BESS are outdoor, we want them to be visible, shown to everybody to understand, that your premises are energy high tech & planet-friendly. PV installation is hard to see, but standing next to your energy storage will make you feel the huge vibrant power of your solar energy.
Yes, our storages deserve to look good. But at the same time, they are optimized in ergonomics to make handling, installation, and maintenance easier, faster, and cheaper.
Because white outdoor systems get less overheated in summer, which protects them to some extent. But as architecture shall have personality, and our storage has advanced thermal management for outdoor technologies, we have except very nice pure signal white, also energizing signature blue and elegant Porsche gray available in our color palette.
Power output is optimized to capacity. The capacity of 150KWh is great for small commercial installations such as single-standing buildings, supermarket park houses, and charging hubs to support building photovoltaics or chargers. With less variety, we can increase manufacturing volumes to make storage more affordable, have spare parts for quick service and optimize product performance. And you can always combine 2-3 systems to make a bigger installation if you need it.
We have a standard warranty of 2 years with an option to extend.
We guarantee a calendar lifetime of 12 years or 6500 cycles.
Delivery time is 40-60 days from the purchase day. The launch of the BESS is 1 to 2 days after the product is in the final location.
Yes, it is included in the final price within EU countries. Outside of EU is subject to separate quotation.

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