Advanced Microgrid Optimization System

Energy Management System designed to effectively oversee and regulate energy transfers within microgrids, encompassing both battery energy storage and renewable energy sources.

Energy data management software is based on predictive optimization, which maximizes the economic benefits of the operation while taking into account technological and operational constraints.

Realtime control
AI algorithms
total cost of energy operation model

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Wind power renewable energy
Smart Energy Automation
all-in-one smart grid controller
  • Seamless integration of renewables with BESS
  • Peak shaving and feed-ins limitation
  • Load balancing
  • Power quality control
  • Ancillary services (FCR, FFR)
Cognitive Business Intelligence for Smart Grids
  • Unmatched smart grid operation insight
  • Automated operation & maintenance tasks
  • KPIs calculated and monitored against goals
  • Predictive maintenance for cost reduction
  • Effective performance monitoring of assets
New-Era Energy Services
Future of Energy Forecasting
  • High-fidelity production and consumption models
  • AI-powered fusion of data, weather, and physics
  • Comprehensive energy market predictions
  • Carbon intensity and carbon footprint forecasts
  • Best-in-class PV production forecasts
Intelligent Predictive Energy Optimization
  • Maximizes value of energy assets
  • Minimizes the carbon footprint
  • Reduces the total cost of energy
  • Increases utilization of renewables
  • Optimizes lifetime and efficiency of energy assets
Sustainable energy examples
Interact with your smart grid in the most natural way
Smart grid power software report
Advanced Energy management system
Energy Management System for managing and monitoring energy flows in microgrids, which include battery energy storage & renewable energy sources.
Photovoltaic Power Plants
The system optimizes the generation and distribution of electricity from photovoltaic power plants, maximizing solar energy utilization and integrating it with the overall energy grid.
Battery Storage Systems
The system effectively controls and coordinates battery storage systems, utilizing stored energy during peak demand or when renewable generation is low. It helps balance supply and demand, enhancing grid stability and reducing reliance on non-renewable sources.
EV Charging
The system manages the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, ensuring efficient utilization and balancing charging loads to minimize grid stress.
Other Renewables
The system integrates and manages other renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines or hydropower, optimizing their generation output and synchronizing it with the energy grid.

Energy management system Amos

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