Battery Storage System designed to support Natural gas Power Plant

Battery Storage System

Power: 5.8MW

Capacity: 2.9MWh

Battery energy storage system collaborates with turbines to provide ancillary services for grid stability (aFRR+/-) and backup functionality (black start). Without the battery, current operations would be technically limited in the amount of service provided and economically disadvantageous due to high fluctuations in turbine operation.

Levice, Slovakia

Challenges & Solutions:

Battery Storage System was over-dimensioned and designed to ensure the necessary energy amount for smoothing out deviations in the operation of the designated services with the smallest possible capacity. Simultaneously, considerations were made for the degradation of capacity over time to guarantee the provision of services in the long term.

During implementation, the challenge was to integrate the entire system into the complex gas power plant without compromising its operation. This involved constructing a new connection and substation for the local electrical grid, along with developing a solution for seamless cooperation with the microgrid SCADA system across the entire power plant.






Li- ion LFP

Technical Specification:

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