TESLA Group Showcases Advanced Battery Storage Solutions at eeS Europe 2023

Munich, Germany – TESLA Group a.s., a leading provider of innovative energy solutions, is gearing up to present their cutting-edge Battery Storage solutions at the upcoming eeS Europe 2023 fair, held as part of the InterSolar2023 event. With a focus on energy professionals, the company aims to highlight the versatility and capabilities of their latest offerings.

TESLA Group’s Battery Storage lineup includes the Stilla, Terra, Solis, and Vents models, each designed to cater to different power requirements and capacities. The Stilla series offers a range of 30-60 kW power and 61-122 kWh capacity, while the Terra series boasts 50-100 kW power and 151 kWh capacity. The Solis series offers even greater power and capacity, ranging from 100-500 kW power and 279-1677 kWh capacity. For larger-scale applications, the Vents model provides 1.0 MW+ power and 1.5 MWh+ capacity, catering to the needs of businesses, manufacturers, and other electricity consumers.

The primary objective of TESLA Group’s participation in eeS Europe 2023 is to showcase their Battery Storage solutions to energy professionals. The fair provides an excellent platform to engage with business owners and decision-makers who are seeking reliable and efficient energy management options. TESLA Group’s unique selling points lie in the flexibility of their solutions and their advanced Energy Management System, known as AMOS. With a delivery time of 6 to 9 months, TESLA Group ensures efficient implementation of their battery storage systems.

A notable feature of TESLA Group’s Battery Storage solutions is their design, which has been recognized by the prestigious Red Dot Award. Designed by Martin Tvaruzek, the sleek and functional aesthetics of the products complement their outstanding performance, making them an ideal choice for businesses and consumers alike.

During the event, TESLA Group will be represented by their key executives, including CEO and Founder Dušan Lichardus, Chief Scientific Officer Michal Kvasnica, Chief Technology Officer Michal Sekerak, and Chief Commercial Officer Tomas Komada. Their presence at the fair allows attendees to engage directly with the company’s leadership team and gain insights into TESLA Group’s vision for the future of energy storage.

While no special events or activities are planned at the fair, TESLA Group’s emphasis will be on highlighting their full scope of energy services. With a focus on advanced energy management and a wide range of Battery Energy Storage Solutions, TESLA Group continues to build upon their rich heritage, offering comprehensive and sustainable energy solutions to their clients.

As TESLA Group prepares to participate in eeS Europe 2023, their key message remains clear: TESLA Group is committed to pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology. Through their innovative Battery Storage solutions and advanced energy management capabilities, they aim to empower businesses and consumers with reliable and efficient energy solutions.

TESLA Group’s presence at the fair will undoubtedly contribute to shaping the future of energy storage and provide valuable insights into the advancements being made in the industry.