Stencil printer to SMT line

ERSA VERSAPRINT 2 ELITE plus, our solution for precise application of conductive paste on printed circuit boards’ precisely defined surfaces.

Fully automatic line SMD

Mounting components from 0201 to BGA at 25,000 components/hour. Our new reflow oven saves 40% energy, and we prioritize Lead-free technology. From prototypes to 5,000-piece series, our efficient process delivers. Plus, our new stencil printer ensures 125um printing accuracy.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment:Automated powder painting line handles parts up to 1400 x 2600 x 500 mm, with nanotech surface prep. From zinc/zinc chromate galvanic treatment to wet painting, we ensure top corrosion resistance, lasting 5000 hours in high-salinity coastal environments.


In a CO2 protective atmosphere. MIG/MAG, TIG. Arc welding. Spot welding, tox-clinching. Welding of aluminium and stainless steel .Welding machine for high-volume products.

Automatic bending

Excellent bending quality due to angle correction database and high precision of servomotors, reduction of cycle times of loading and unloading operations in overlapping time…

Laser cutting

Laser cutting:
Platino Fiber laser Prima Power and Compact Tower with 10 shelves – a high-speed fiber laser with two exchangeable tables that increases the capacity and quality of cutting sheets up to 20 mm thickness.

CNC punching, bending

13 TRUMPF and SAFAN devices – up to the maximum thickness sheet metal 4 mm, up to a maximum size of 1500 x 3000 mm

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