Battery Storage System TERRA, designed to support EV charging

Battery Storage System

Power: 100 + 100 kW

Capacity: 151 kWh

Battery energy system is designed to facilitate Electric Vehicle (EV) charging by optimizing power distribution. It efficiently absorbs surplus Photovoltaic (PV) energy during periods of excess generation. Additionally, the system engages in price arbitrage by discharging stored energy during peak electricity market prices, contributing to cost optimization. Beyond that, it plays a vital role in grid stability by providing balancing services through rapid response capabilities.

Beter Duurzaam
Active power management system
Our client operates a showroom with public EV chargers and sought efficient energy management for their microgrid, incorporating PV, batteries, and consumption. AMOS meets this requirement by forecasting EV charger utilization and utilizing the battery to cover their consumption. The system optimizes charging/discharging against dynamic electricity prices, preventing negative electricity price export, and taps into the imbalance market to stabilize the grid, generating additional income for the customer. Active power management system is automatic PV throttling ensures compliance with grid export limits. The result is a straightforward solution that maximizes cost savings through optimized energy consumption, prevents financial losses, and generates extra income by participating in the grid stabilization market.


100 + 100 kW


151 kWh


Li-ion NMC

Technical Specification:

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Tesla group ventus system

Utility - scale Battery Storage

1.0 MW +


1.5 MWh +



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