Battery Storage System TERRA, designed to optimise energy consumption

Battery Storage System

Power: 92 kW

Capacity: 151 kWh

Battery Storage System optimizes energy consumption for a steel service center with high energy demands and limited on-site PV production. It serves for peak shaving, time shifting, and price arbitrage, ensuring efficient energy use. The system forecasts consumption and PV production, automatically managing the battery to match these forecasts. By utilizing dynamic electricity prices, it charges during off-peak hours and discharges during high-demand periods, maximizing cost savings

MWA Steel

AMOS Energy Management System

The client needed to optimize energy use at their steel service center with limited on-site solar power. ACMEE provided a solution using a battery for peak shaving, time shifting, and price arbitrage. The system predicts energy consumption and solar production, automatically managing the battery to save costs by charging during off-peak hours and discharging at peak times. It also monitors solar power, giving a clear view of renewable energy benefits. This reduces energy costs, improves efficiency, and enhances transparency for the client’s steel service center.


92 kW


151 kWh


Li-ion NMC

Technical Specification:

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1.0 MW +


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