Battery Storage System TERRA, designed for renewables cooperation

Battery Storage System

Power: 150 kW

Capacity: 302 kWh

Battery energy system integrates two battery systems into a virtual battery block to enhance operational efficiency. It performs peak shaving, ensuring a stable power supply and covering customer consumption exceeding grid import limits. The system absorbs excess Photovoltaic (PV) energy, with a focus on preventing any grid exports. Time-shifting capabilities optimize the storage and release of PV energy. Additionally, it engages in price arbitrage by discharging stored energy during favorable electricity market prices. Looking ahead, future developments will center on minimizing the CO2 footprint of customer operations, aligning with evolving sustainability goals.

Prešov, Slovakia
AMOS energy management platform
Our client, a factory with significant energy needs, required efficient energy management for their microgrid with PV, batteries, and consumption. “AMOS energy management platform addresses this by seamlessly coordinating two batteries into a unified block, optimizing charging and discharging based on dynamic electricity prices. The system ensures compliance with grid limits, builds and maintains energy reserves to cover consumption peaks, and automatically absorbs excess renewable energy. The result is a straightforward and cost-effective solution that maximizes financial benefits, ensures grid compliance, and optimizes the use of renewable resources for the client.


150 kW


302 kWh


Li-ion NMC

Battery storage system technical specification:

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