Battery Storage System TERRA, designed for Heat pump support

Battery Storage System

Power: 200 kW

Capacity: 302 kWh

Our battery energy system comprises two batteries aggregated into a virtual battery block. It executes peak shaving to supply power to heat pumps beyond grid import limits, ensuring a reliable energy source. The system efficiently absorbs excess Photovoltaic (PV) energy, employing time-shifting techniques to store and release energy as needed. Additionally, it engages in price arbitrage by discharging stored energy during optimal electricity market prices. Looking forward, the system will evolve to minimaze the CO2 footprint of customer operations, aligning with a more sustainable energy strategy.

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AMOS Energy Management System
The client, operating greenhouses heated by heat pumps, required effective energy management to reduce the considerable consumption of these pumps while integrating PV and batteries. AMOS addresses this by forecasting heat pump consumption and triggering battery discharging during peak demand. AMOS Energy data management system optimizes charging/discharging based on dynamic electricity prices, minimizing costs. With two synchronized on-site batteries, AMOS introduces scalability and resilience, ensuring efficient energy storage. Automatic PV monitoring provides a comprehensive overview of renewable energy benefits. The result is a practical solution that reduces heat pump consumption, optimizes cost savings through dynamic pricing, and enhances overall energy system resilience and visibility for the client.


200 kW


302 kWh


Li-ion NMC

Technical Specification:

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Tesla group ventus system

Utility - scale Battery Storage

1.0 MW +


1.5 MWh +



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