Battery Storage System TERRA designed for energy grid stabilisation in Malmo

Battery Storage System

Power: 100 kW

Capacity: 151 kWh

Battery energy storage system operates to fulfill the energy grid stabilization requirements in Sweden. The project is specifically geared towards providing Fast Frequency Reserves (FFR) services, employing technology capable of responding in an exceptionally short time, with maximum power attained within 0.7 seconds, addressing rapid frequency changes. The system, tailored for this service, adheres to stringent certification conditions, ensuring reliable performance availability.

Stella Futura
Malmo, Sweden
Smart energy management
The client, with a focus on participating in ancillary services markets and remotely controlling batteries through their supervisory control system, required a solution for precise regulation of battery output and seamless communication. AMOS addresses this by enabling the client to participate in the Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR) ancillary service, achieving rapid battery discharge within 700 milliseconds of a grid frequency drop. The system ensures precise regulation of battery output to meet client-set points and facilitates communication through the Modbus TCP protocol. AMOS Smart energy management also provides a comprehensive overview and diagnostics of the battery system. The result is a practical solution that meets the client's specific requirements, allowing them to efficiently participate in ancillary services markets, control batteries remotely, and maintain a thorough understanding of their battery system's performance.


100 kW


151 kWh


Li-ion NMC

Technical Specification:

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